Saint Victor Parish, part of The Catholic Community of Transfiguration & Saint Victor Parish, serves the growing Catholic Community of West Deer Township and surrounding areas. We provide opportunities for worship, faith formation, and evangelization through the Sacraments. In all that we do as a faith community, we reflect the values of the Gospel and bring people closer to God.


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Making an Act of Perfect Contrition

When it is impossible to go to Confession, forgiveness of both venial and mortal sins is possible through an Act of Perfect Contrition.

An Act of Perfect Contrition is a prayer of repentance motivated by love for God, with a sincere request for forgiveness and a firm resolution to make a sacramental Confession to a priest as soon as it becomes possible. The wording of the prayer isn’t what needs to be perfect. The perfection is in the sincerity of the person’s love for God, sorrow for their sins and determination to turn away from sin.

There is no set wording for an Act of Perfect Contrition. Any prayer of contrition will be sufficient if it is offered from the right motives.  A popular form is:

 “My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good, I have sinned against You, whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with Your help, to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin.”

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A Letter from our Pastor

Beloved Parishioners:

These days have proved interesting for some and anxiety provoking for others, however no one can be indifferent.  There are facts about the coronavirus which we must keep in mind.  First and foremost, it is deadly, especially for the elderly and those whose immune systems are weakened.  Italy is seeing hundreds of deaths per day.  We know 20% of those who contract the virus will become critically ill.  Finally, the virus can survive on a surface for a day or two.  Bishop Zubik has taken drastic yet prudent measures based on recommendations from public health professionals.

These measures are drastic yet prudent:

  • If you are sick, STAY HOME AND IMMEDIATELY CALL YOUR DOCTOR, do not go out. There isn’t any reason to come to Church or the Church Offices.
  • All public celebrations of the Mass have been stopped. I will still celebrate a daily private Mass with an attached intention.
  • All parishioners are temporarily dispensed from attending Sunday Mass.
  • All activities at both Churches are suspended to include: Religious Education, bingo, fish fry, RCIA, group meetings (Men’s Club, Ladies of Charity, etc.), Bible Study, etc. 
  • Effective March 23, in compliance with Governor Wolf's "Stay-At-Home" order, both churches will be closed to any and all activities and services until further notice.
  • If someone is critically ill or dying and requires Anointing of the Sick or the Last Rites, please call Father Jim at 412-977-6589.

We must keep a perspective regarding the situation.  To be sure, none of us have experienced something like this in our lifetime.  If one looks at history previous generations weathered similar events without the vast knowledge of public health and medicine, we enjoy today.  We are truly blessed with this great knowledge!  As such, we must move from panic and anxiety to being attentive to the information and resolved to implement it for our own health and the health of others.

Our main method of communication is the Diocese of Pittsburgh website ( and the websites of Transfiguration and Saint Victor Parishes which you can find on this bulletin.  Make sure you watch the local news stations at 12 Noon, 6:00 PM, 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM, as well as, the various cable news channels (CNN, Fox, etc.).

Finally, and most importantly, PRAY!  Pray at home.  Pray while driving.  If you are not ill, come to Church and pray before the Blessed Sacrament.  Turn your television to EWTN and pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  PRAY!  PRAY! PRAY!  God always listens to His children.

God bless each of you,

Fr. Jim

Weekly Bulletins

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  • Sun, Mar 29th

Need Help? We are here.

Are you without transportation or medically unable to leave your home during this coronavirus crisis?

If you or anyone you know in West Deer Township is having difficulty getting out to pick up prescriptions or groceries, please call either church office for assistance.

      Transfiguration Office:   724-265-1030
      St. Victor Office:             724-265-2070

Thank You for Your Support!

We want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of you who have remembered our parish and sent in your weekly offertory contribution even in these difficult times! We are still here working in the community and welcome your financial support. Donations can be mailed to either parish office, dropped in the mail slot in the rectory door at St. Victors, or placed in the outside mailbox at Transfiguration. Thanks, again!!

Stay Connected!

​Download the parish app now in either Android and Apple versions.  This app makes it easy to receive information updates and alerts, or contact parish staff members, wherever you take your smartphone.  To download the app:
Android Device Users: 
Text parishapp2 to 555888
or visit the Google Play Store to download the WeConnect Parish App at
Apple (iPhone) Device Users: 
​Text parishapp1 to 555888
or visit the Apple App Store 
to download the WeConnect Parish App at

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross, which follow the path of Christ from Pontius Pilate's praetorium to Christ's tomb are a popular devotion in parishes during Lent. In the 16th century, this pathway was officially entitled the "Via Dolorosa" (Sorrowful Way) or simply Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross.

Follow this LINK to EWTN's website to pray the Stations of the Cross, with meditations included by Mother Angelica.





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Spiritual Resources

Bishop Zubik's announcement that the public celebration of Holy Mass would be suspended for the time being as we respond to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak may have you anxious and worried for many reasons, including for the state of your spiritual life. However, there is no need to despair. There are many things you can do to foster spiritual health and growth at this time.

1. Live-stream Holy Mass and other devotions. While nothing can replace attending Holy Mass in person and receiving Holy Communion, the whole Church, as the Body of Christ is mystically united to every sacrifice of the Mass. Every Mass has a powerful effect for the good of the Church and her people. The Holy Masses and other devotions from Saint Anthony Chapel will be live-streamed here, at, and at

2. Make a Spiritual Communion. When you can't receive Jesus in Holy Communion at Mass, making a Spiritual Communion is a great way to draw near to him. St. Thomas Aquinas once defined a Spiritual Communion as “an ardent desire to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament [in Communion at Mass] and in lovingly embracing Him as if we had actually received Him.” Learn more about making a Spiritual Communion at

3. Read the Holy Mass readings and prayers. Even if you can't make it to Holy Mass, you can meditate upon the readings and prayers of the Mass. The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us, "Indeed, the word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart" (Hebrews 4:12). Magnificat is offering free access to the online version of their daily Mass and devotion resource. Access it at

4. Search for a church that may be open for private prayer. Even though the public celebration of Holy Masses has been suspended, churches may remain open for private prayer for those who wish. Spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist and draw ever closer to him.

5. Pray the Holy Rosary. The Holy Rosary is a powerful weapon against sin and temptation and a great source of comfort and peace as we call on the intercession of Mary our Mother. One of the names for the Holy Rosary in Latin is corona rosarum, the crown of roses. As we work to fight the coronavirus may the corona rosarum be our defense and our surest hope.

6. Continue your habits of prayer and seek new ones. Read the Bible or a spiritual or devotional book. Pray a litany or novena, such as the Litany in Time of Plague (…/…/15/a-litany-in-time-of-plague/). Meditate upon an icon or other holy image. Use every spiritual aid at your disposal for the good of your soul and the souls of those you encounter each day.

Parishioner Registration & Updates

Are you new to our area, or are you returning "home" after being  away? Are you an active member of our parish who just hasn't registered as a parishioner yet or needs to update your current registration information? Regardless of your situation, we at Saint Victor Parish want to welcome you  into our parish family. Please call or stop by the parish office to register. You may also register  online by clicking on the Parishoner Registration button below.

Parish Registration

Mass Intentions

Whether it is a wedding anniversary, birth remembrance, recent death of a loved one, or celebrating a loved one’s life years after he or she passed, every day presents a reason to celebrate or mourn. Please remember your loved ones with a Mass Intention (Forms can be printed from the link below). Once completed, please put the Mass Request Form in the weekly collection basket or turn it into the Rectory with your stipend. If you do not have a preferred date, leave that space blank and your intention will be on the next available date.

Mass Request Forms for 2020

Memorial Garden Bricks

The Memorial Garden Bricks  offer a beautiful way to remember a deceased loved one and the garden is located in the field next to the Activity Building. Bricks cost $50+ each and offer up to 3 lines of engraving. Information and order forms are located on the large shelf in the Narthex or view/print by clicking Memorial Brick Form. Please turn completed forms into the Rectory.

Parish Staff

Parish Office Hours

Parish offices will be available by phone, mail or email only. Absolutely no walk-ins will be permitted. If you have something to drop off, please use the outside mailbox at TRC or the mail slot in the rectory door at STV.

Monday thru Friday
9:00am - 4:00pm

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