June 4

This weekend we celebrate Pentecost… We often say that Pentecost is the Birthday of the Church as though it was something that happens only once a year. The truth of the matter is that for Christians everyday is a Pentecost Day. We are connected through faith with the Apostles and we experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us in Baptism and Confirmation. But, since there is no limit to God’s love and no restrictions on his Holy Spirit, he comes to us each day!

We live our entire Christian lives in the Spirit. He is ever-present to us, he constantly prompts us and impels us forwards in our life of faith. The Holy Spirit, moreover, draws us together in unity: as a parish we witness to what Christ has achieved, but we do so as one body united in faith and worship.

The Holy Spirit also keeps the Church holy: we are constantly cleansed and forgiven through the celebration of the sacraments. And the Holy Spirit keeps us faithful: throughout the centuries the Church is kept free from error in matters of faith, despite all the new ideas and philosophies, the Holy Spirit guides its course in fidelity to the Gospel.

Sacrament of Confirmation… Bishop David Zubik will visit Saint Victor Parish this week for the celebration of Confirmation on Tuesday, June 6, at 7:00pm. This year’s class has 46 young people who will receive the Sacrament. Please remember these Confirmation candidates in your prayers this week.

Special Celebration for our Parish Religious Education Volunteers… We are blessed at Saint Victor’s to have many dedicated men and women (and young people) who serve in our parish’s religious education programs: K-8 CCD, high school youth program and RCIA team members. We’ve scheduled a small appreciation supper for these volunteers on Saturday, June 3, after the 4:00pm Mass in the Activity Building. As I have mentioned before, these important individuals help the parish to accomplish the essential task of passing on the faith to the next generation. Thanks to all these volunteers for their help!

Other News… We are hoping to have the work at the main entrance of the church finished in time for the Bishop’s visit on Tuesday. These safety improvement will also enhance the appearance of the front of the church. Funds for this project were provided by the Diocese…. Work has also begun to replace two boilers that presently heat the upper level of the church and the basement of the rectory. Two older boilers are being removed by asbestos abatement workers and one new, more efficient, boiler will be installed. This project will take several weeks. Money for the new boiler is coming from the proceeds of the last two parish lotteries ($15,000.00) as well as a grant from the Wood Trust Foundation ($10,000.00). Estimated cost for the project is $32,000.00.