June 8, 2020

Parish Office Status:

Closing Two Offices ~ Opening One New Office

8 June 2020

Dearest Parishioners:

As our State of Pennsylvania’s status goes “Green” and many businesses open up, the few months’ shutdown has placed the construction of our new offices at Saint Victor Campus seriously behind schedule. Our original initial intent was for construction to be completed by the end of April and the offices opened by mid-May. Construction by the Brnardic Corporation began on June 1st with most of the work expected to be completed, except for the inside doors, by approximately mid-June.

The original idea was that Confirmations, RCIA initiation and First Holy Communions would be completed and placed in the required Sacrament registry books. Instead with the COVID-19 shutdown, our wonderful staff team members kept working at both parishes going through the offices, shredding outdated paperwork, archiving old Sacrament registry books (baptism to burial) and packing the remainder in boxes, and moving the Transfiguration Campus Office to the Saint Victor Campus for the construction of an updated and expanded Our Lady of the Lakes Administrative Center. This was all coordinated through weekly teleconference team meetings.

In the end, Our Lady of the Lakes Parish Administrative Center at the Saint Victor Campus will include an updated administrative office, a new finance office, a new copy/supply room, updated pastor’s office and a new outdoor cement ramp into the Administrative Center. To accommodate all of this a bathroom must be torn out, walls must be broken through, new doorways constructed, current doors must be walled up, new doors made with windows installed, electrical and telephone wiring expanded/updated, etc. All of this work, being done by the Brnardic Corporation, began on June 1st.

Again, my hope is that construction will be completed by mid-June, office furniture be returned to the administrative office, Transfiguration Campus office furniture moved, and the creation of a new satellite pastor’s office for evening/weekend appointments at the Transfiguration Campus (currently, I do not have a formal office).

All of this is IN ADDITION TO OPENING EVERYTHING FROM THE COVID-19 VIRUS SHUTDOWN!!! Our staff team members from Transfiguration and Saint Victor Parishes have done A STELLAR JOB and must be commended for their hard work during the COVID-19 virus shutdown, and THEY ARE PREPARED TO GET THE OFFICES UP AND RUNNING AS SOON AS CONSTRUCTION IS COMPLETED.

As such, with the zeal in reopening our way-of-life, it must be done in a thoughtful and orderly manner regarding the parish as a whole. I would like to reiterate my previous plan:

  • We will follow the Diocese of Pittsburgh directives. Please see previous statements regarding the regular Mass schedule.
  • We MUST have a fully functioning office for orderly coordination, documentation, etc., of all pastoral activities at both the Transfiguration Campus and the Saint Victor Campus. The goal is to open the new Administrative Center by the end of June, but no later than July 9th.
  • Then specific celebrations First Holy Communion, RCIA, etc. WILL BE SCHEDULED IN AN ORDERLY MANNER, taking into consideration the needs of the entire parish and the special sacramental needs of specific parishioners. Individuals will be personally updated with advanced notice.

We face three major life-changing events occurring at the same time:

  1. reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown;
  2. closing two parishes;
  3. opening a new parish.  

Any reasonable person can recognize the enormity of the situation and the Herculean efforts required by our parish team members.  Please be patient.

God bless,

Fr. Jim