October 1, 2017

Respect for Life… For the past 40 years the Church in the United States has designated October as a time for Catholics to reflect on issues related to the dignity and purpose of human life. The Church teaches that every person bears God’s image and has an immortal soul. Unfortunately, we often disregard this fundamental human dignity and persons in our society are “marginalized.” The unborn do not enjoy the rights and privileges accorded to human persons; vulnerable people with illnesses and disabilities are often abandoned or even have their lives cut short through misguided “mercy,” prisoners on death row are forgotten or despised long after they have repented of wrongdoing.

In his encyclical, The Gospel of Life, Pope John Paul II stated clearly the dimensions of God’s Kingdom. In this encyclical he denounces the “culture of death” that tolerates the existence of homelessness, cries for vengeance in the death penalty, punishes the poor for being poor and allows for the destruction of countless lives in abortion. In this encyclical he calls upon all Catholics and human beings to promote life, from womb to tomb. He calls for an end to abortion as well as an end to the numerous social conditions that contribute to a woman’s decision to have an abortion. He calls for an end to the death penalty, and arms trade. He calls for a preferential treatment for the poor, worker’s rights and anything that honors the sacred dignity of the human person. He calls all to compassion. To the people of our nation he asked: “Is present day America becoming less sensitive, less caring toward the poor, the stranger, the needy ? It must not!” Both as Americans and as followers of Christ, we must be committed to the defense of life in all its stages and in every condition.”

Summer Lottery… Thanks to everyone who supported the parish’s Summer Lottery. All 1000 tickets were sold, and we realized a profit of $10,000.00. A special thanks to Bill Yanicko who donated the tickets. The profit will used to pay for the new air-conditioning system that has been installed in the rectory and to repair the air-handler behind the organ in the church. One air-conditioning unit at the activity building is also in need of repair. The hot weather has not been kind to our aging air-conditioning units! I am hopeful that the profit from the Lottery will pay for all these air-conditioning bills.

Scheduling Masses for 2018… Included with this week’s bulletin is a form for scheduling Mass intentions for 2018. PLEASE READ THE FORM CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Because of the Mission for the Church Alive planning process that will begin next year, the Mass schedule at Saint Victor’s will DEFINITELY CHANGE BEGINNING IN SEPTEMBER, 2018.