September 11, 2016

15th Anniversary of 9/11… September 11 reminds us of the evil that happens in our world when we cannot resolve our differences, when we resort to violence to advance an agenda and when we disregard respect for innocent life. On this September 11 we remember those who died and pray for peace and an end to violence in our world.

Bishop’s Education Fund Collection… This appeal provides assistance to Catholic families sending their children to Catholic schools. The Education Fund Collection provides help to thousands of children attending Catholic schools. Please be generous this weekend!

Activity Building Improvements… Most of the work done at the activity building this year is nearly completed. Inside the building, there is new paint and the floor has been stripped and waxed. After many years of neglect, the partitions in the hall were scrubbed and cleaned. (NOTE: a generous parishioner donated funds to have the partitions cleaned and the Men’s Club made a $2000.00 donation to help with the costs of the new paint job.)

Outside the building, there was a new French drain installed as well as a new sidewalk and steps. There was also added a new handicapped entrance walkway with railings and a new handicapped parking area behind the activity building. Also, there were some landscaping improvements behind the building completed. All of the costs for the French drain, landscaping, as well as the installation of the new sidewalks and railings were paid for by generous parishioners who donate to the diocesan CHURCH ALIVE! Campaign. The costs for all these outside projects was $27,000.00 and funds from parishioner donations to the CHURCH ALIVE! Campaign covered the expenses. In addition to the CHURCH ALIVE funds, there was a $5,000.00 grant provided by the Wood Charitable Trust in 2014 that paid for the new roof over the back entrance of the Activity Building.

Clergy Convocation September 19-22… On Monday, September 19, through Thursday, September 22, the priests of the Diocese will gather with Bishop Zubik for a convocation dedicated to the spiritual renewal, pastoral and professional development and priestly fellowship in the service of the Lord. This convocation will be held a Oglebay Conference Center in Wheeling, WV. PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING MY ABSENCE THERE WILL BE NO DAILY MASSES ON SEPTEMBER 20-22 AT SAINT VICTOR’S.