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April 2, 2017

Posted by Contenta Schoenman

Next Weekend Holy Week Begins… Holy Week invites the People of God to meditate on the One who died for us. We follow Christ on his final journey to Cross and Resurrection. We must make places in our hearts and minds for God’s greatest gifts to us: the sacrifice ... Read More »

December 3, 2016

Posted by Contenta Schoenman

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, December 8 - The Church celebrates a holyday of obligation this week, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Pope Pius IX proclaimed this doctrine on December 8, 1854. Pius explained that Mary was preserved from original sin by a “singular ... Read More »

September 11, 2016

Posted by Contenta Schoenman

15th Anniversary of 9/11… September 11 reminds us of the evil that happens in our world when we cannot resolve our differences, when we resort to violence to advance an agenda and when we disregard respect for innocent life. On this September 11 we remember those who died and ... Read More »

September 4, 2016

Posted by Contenta Schoenman

Reflections on Labor and Work from Pope Francis... Work is fundamental to the dignity of a person.   Work, to use an image, "anoints" us with dignity, fills us with dignity, makes us similar to God, who has worked and still works, who always acts... (5/1/13)

    I wish to ... Read More »

August 28, 2016

Posted by Contenta Schoenman

Summer Raffle… I am very grateful for the generous response of the parishioners to this year’s Summer Raffle. As I am writing this on Monday afternoon, there are 55 tickets still to be sold. Not all of the ticket stubs have been turned in, but I am hopeful that ... Read More »

July 24, 2016

Posted by Contenta Schoenman

July 28 is the Feast of Saint Victor… Here is some information I put together about Saint Victor. This was originally printed in a 2012 bulletin…

Pope Saint Victor I was the first pope to come from the Roman provinces of Northern Africa. He could have been a native ... Read More »