Are you someone God is calling?

An old friend once called me and asked if I could help out by teaching a First Holy Communion Class. At that time, St. Victor’s CCD program needed two third-grade teachers for that upcoming year. This took some thought on my part. With three young children at home, I knew it would have to be a joint effort. I needed to talk with my husband and we needed to talk to God about it. And so we prayed. Did God want me to use my time and energy in this way? If not now, when? If not me, who?

 Over the years saying “yes” turned out to be the most rewarding decision I have ever made. In volunteering to teach, I was learning, too. It was a blessing to share Jesus and His Church with those wide-eyed eager children.

 Today, as a St. Victor Eucharistic Minister, I am grateful to once again, share Jesus with the children I once taught and their children.

 Volunteering offers heavenly instruction with on the job training and is always time well blessed.

 Are you someone God is calling?

Virginia Speer


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