Parish Pastoral Council Meeting - February 5, 2020

PPC Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2020


Prayer – Led by Judi Damon

Presentation by Sharon Hachman of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Parish Services Office

  • Timeline concerning the merging of Transfiguration & Saint Victor parishes into a single parish and parishioner involvement
  • Choosing a name for the parish – what has been our process to include the parishioners:
    • Name submissions from parishioners.
    • Top 15 names chosen by the PPC & Submitted to the Diocese
    • Three names already taken (St Andrew, Corpus Christi, Divine Mercy).
    • Our 12 returned from the Diocese for further discussion are then:

Our Lady of Lourdes        Our Lady of the Lakes     St. Hubert

St. Padre Pio                       St. Timothy                         Guardian Angels

St. Francis of Assisi          St. Isadore                          St. Raphael the Archangel

St. Anne                               St. Dominic                         St. Gianna Molla

    • It was noted that the ones highlighted had been requested by other groupings as well.
    • An online survey has been created to get parishioner reaction to the 12 candidates. The survey ends 2/16/2020 and the next PPC meeting will be 2/18/2020 to discuss those results and submit five names to the Bishop.
  • A parish assembly has been scheduled for 3/22/2010 to cover where we are and where we are headed in the process. Some of the information to be presented at this assembly include:

Framing the Vision

Welcoming to All People

      • Established Communities
      • New Communities
      • Family Faith Enrichment
      • Caring for Our Elderly
      • Reaching Out to the Staff and Visitors of the Sports Complex and Deer Lakes Park

2019 Statistics for the Grouping

Total Registration                                     4413

        Mass Attendance Count                           845

        Mass Attendance Count Percentage        19%

        Infant Baptisms                                         15

        Deaths                                                       45

        Baptism: Death Ratio                                 1:3


Our Shared Ministries

      • Liturgical Ministries
      • Altar Servers
      • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
      • Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick
      • Music Ministry
      • Readers
      • Faith Formation
      • Bible Study
      • Flexible Sites for Faith Formation Programs
      • RCIA
      • Theology on the Lawn
      • Vacation Bible School
      • Youth Ministry
      • Parish Life
      • Charismatic Prayer Group
      • Fish Fry
      • Funeral Ministry
      • Knights of Columbus
      • Ladies of Charity
      • Men’s Club
      • Rosary Society
      • St. Vincent de Paul Society
      • The Young and the Restless
      • Women’s Guild
  • How shall we celebrate the joining into one parish? Pig Roast was heard around the room from several sources.


Faithfully submitted,

Mary Kanaitis