Parish Pastoral Council Meeting - November 6, 2019

Transfiguration / St. Victor Pastoral Council

Minutes of November 6, 2019 Meeting

Members Present: Father Jim, Gloria Augustine, Bill Burdett, Patricia Copelin,  Sam Houpt, Mary Kanaitis, Annie O’Neil, and Glenn Trevellini

Guests:  MaryEtta Filotei and MaryAnn Miller Opening Prayer: provided by Judi Damon Business Items:

Safety Doors at STV now have latches on them

Eucharist Ministers Father Jim has met with all but one and is “exceedingly” happy

Timeline This will be published in the bulletin. Mary contacted Pam Tedesco about taking the picture and will give us a date.

Church name  Mary distributed a form (see attachment) for those who want to submit the new church name.

Mass times   Father Jim said he received only one email from STV and one from TRC complaining about the new Mass times. He is looking into asking Father Ken to do more Masses.

Finances This is going to be a challenge. Father Jim said that Diane Miller, the former financial secretary at TRC, reviewed the last 5-year finances at STV.  Billy Yanicko (Jr.) is  going to develop a budget from that information.  STV still does not have a budget for 2019-20. At this time, TRC is in the black.  Over the last year, STV has lost $116,000 in income. Although there is money in the bank, this is not inexhaustible.  In April, he has to appear at the diocese to request the merger of the two parishes.  He is looking for the “red” to turn “black.” He will be making a request at Masses at STV to increase weekly donations.

Next Meeting  Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 3. Sharon Hachman from the Diocese will be here at discuss in “extreme detail” the upcoming changes. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Closing Prayer

Event and Fundraising requests approved for this month

Nut Roll Sale at TRC

Grades 5 and 6 Food Bank Collection at STV

Next meeting:  Tuesday, December 3, 2019