Parish Pastoral Council Meeting - October 9, 2019

Transfiguration / St. Victor Pastoral Council Minutes of October 9, 2019, Meeting

Members Present: Father Jim, Bill Burdett, Anna Marie Catanese, Joe Catanese, Judi Damon, Tom DeMartini, Sam Houpt, Mary Kanaitis, Annie O’Neil, Clara Salvi, Lindsay Strishock, Glenn Trevellini, and Rob Zaremski

Guests:  MaryEtta Filotei

Opening Prayer: provided by Judi Damon

Business Items:

Safety Rob is waiting on a date for Active Shooter Training from the DHS. (Department of Homeland Security). He said that Chief Lape and the West Police should also be included.

Father Jim asked Joe and Rob to work with Mary Etta, Mary Ann, Tom Jenkins and Mark Harby to find out what we already have and what we need. Glenn suggested that the ushers and any other interested people should also be trained. Tom DeMartini is going to look into a fire plan for each building and will take care of an AED for St.Victor’s.

Bulletin Announcements More ushers are needed. Anyone 18 or older should call the rectory if interested. Also, anyone who is unable to go the altar to receive communion should notify the ushers upon entering the church and someone will bring communion to them.

Timeline Father distributed the official time line to complete the merger process as provided by the diocese.  (See the attachment). Tom suggested a picture and our names in the bulletin so if anyone has a question, they can ask us. Mary will contact Pam Tedesco about taking the picture

Church name  Father asked us to submit 3-4 names for the new church and why you chose that name.  Names will be put in the parish bulletin for a vote and submitted to Bishop Zubik for final approval.  Father will be speaking about this topic at Masses the next two weeks.


Mass times   Father Jim will address Mass changes the next two weekends.  As a council, we officially signed a document to send to Father Farrell about Mass changes beginning the weekend of January 4-5, 2020. The changes are Saturday at 4 at STV and 6 at TRC;   Sunday at 9 at TRC and 11 at STV.

Bill shared the “Pumpkin Prayer” with us.

Closing Prayer

Event and Fundraising requests approved for this month

Halloween Bingo Pumpkin Pie Sale Wreath Sale

Red Rose Campaign

Next meeting: November 6, 2019 at STV

Recorded and submitted by Clara Salvi (hurry back Marie!!!)