Parish Pastoral Council Meeting - September 4, 2019

Transfiguration Pastoral Council
 Minutes of September 4, 2019, Meeting
Members Present: Father Jim, Gloria Augustine, William Burdett, Anna Marie Catanese, Patricia
Copelin, Judi Damon, Tom DeMartini, Sam Houpt, Mary Kanaitis, Marie Kraig, Annie O’Neil, Clara
Salvi, Larry Scott, Lindsay Strishock, Glenn Trevellini, and Robert Zaremski
Guests: MaryEtta Filotei and Mary Ann Miller
Opening Prayer: provided by Judi Damon
Business Items:
Annie, Judi and Rob went to an Active Shooter meeting at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall. We all
agreed that this is a priority. Rob said that the presenters are willing to do a walk through and
make suggestions.
The process to bring the two churches together has begun. Father said he had zero intention to
close a church. The first step in the process in the Liturgical Service. Eucharistic ministers and
altar servers will be informed of the procedure the church wants. The committee had a spirited
discussion on how to solve the problem of handicapped people not walking to the front of the
church to receive communion. Father Jim asked the council members to come up with ideas for
the next meeting.
CCD is working together to coordinate the two programs.
Father announced that beginning January 1, 2020, we are going down to 4 Masses – Saturday at
4 at STV and 6 at TRC; Sunday at 9 at TRC and 11 at STV. He has been begging for another
Christmas Masses are tentatively scheduled for ….
December 24 at 4 at STV
December 24 at 4:30 at TRC
December 24 at 8 at TRC
December 25 at 10 at STV
Closing Prayer.
Event and Fundraising requests approved for this month
Audrey Fair Peterson Benefit Dinner Ticket sales at TRC and STV
Snow Blower Ticket Raffle November 30
Next meeting: October 9, 2019 at TRC
Recorded and submitted by Clara Salvi (hurry back Marie!!!)