Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes from December 4, 2018

Transfiguration & St. Victor Parishes

Pastoral Council Meeting of December 4, 2018.

Members Present:  Rev. James P. Holland, Gloria Augustine, William Burdett, AnnaMarie Catanese, Patricia Copelin, Judi Damon, Thomas DeMartini, Samuel Houpt, Jackie Jaros, Mary Kanaitis, Marie Kraig, Annie O’Neil, Clara Salvi, and Glenn Trevellini.  Guest:  MaryEtta Filotei.

Opening Prayer:  provided by Judi Damon.

Business Items:

Mary Kanaitis distributed a contact sheet listing e-mail addresses and phone numbers of P.P.C., administrative, and office personnel.  Corrections and/or additions were requested during the meeting or by e-mail.  A final draft will be sent to everyone via e-mail, as this form of communication is usually used for minutes of meetings, notices, procedures, etc.

Current status of business items discussed at the November, 2018, P.P.C. meeting were reviewed by  Father Jim including :                                                    

  • Property surveys have been completed at both Parishes with appraisals to soon follow.                                     
  • An architectural engineer will present ideas and proposals for renovation of the St. Victor rectory and office areas at a meeting, Saturday, December 8, 2018.                                                                                
  • The new Community Parish signs should be completed by the end of the week and ready for installation, dependent upon the weather.
  • Security and safety issues of both Parishes continue to be of concern.  MaryEtta Filotei will discuss her particular problems with the new Security/Safety Committee (Joseph Catanese, Robert Zaremski).      
  • Parish listings of all events/ fundraising/ collections, during the past year, were presented to Mary Kanaitis.  Request, monetary, and procedure forms, used for fundraising by T.R.C., will be sent via e-mail by Mary Kanaitis for consideration and utilization by St. Victor P.P.C., office staff ,etc. Clara Salvi volunteered to modify these forms to reflect the St. Victor Parish.                                                         
  • Three volunteers with backgrounds in Human Resources have convened and begun working on developing Parish job descriptions and personnel structures, with completion by May, 2019.             

Father Jim requested for volunteers from each Parish to form a combined “Calendar Committee”. Tom DeMartini, Annie O’Neil, and Clara Salvi responded. They will meet with all T.R.C. and St.V. committee, ministry group, organization representatives to develop and maintain the Parishes events calendars.

Information on “hearing loop systems” for assistive listening was presented by Father Jim for review and comments via e-mail.

Procedures for reception of gluten-free hosts at St. Victor Masses will be developed with assistance from Joe Smagala as stated by Father Jim.

Allegheny Safe & Lock quotes to remaster key the exterior doors of  St.Victor Church, Rectory, and Activity Building were presented by Father Jim, along with discussion of procedures to be followed for dispensing of keys.  All present endorsed the quote and plan.

The first Catholic Community of Transfiguration & St. Victor Parishes Bulletin was presented on the First Sunday of Advent (Dec. 2, 2018).  Positive and favorable comments of Parishioners were noted by Annie O’Neil and Mary Kanaitis.

Handrails are now on order and will be installed on the altar steps of both St. Victor and Transfiguration Churches as stated by Father Jim.

Mary Kanaitis reminded all that there is now a special e-mail address to be used for all Parish Bulletin communications:  [email protected].

The Human Resources committee will be developing Parish staffing models that will be utilized in all job replacements as per Father Jim.

T.R.C. fundraising/collection requests approved for the month include:  Ladies of Charity Christmas Giving Angel Tree (Nov. 24—Dec. 9, 2018), and T.R.C. Nutroll Bake Sale (Dec. 20-22, 2018).

Closing Prayer.

Next Meeting:  February 6, 2019, (St. V. classroom).

Recorded and submitted by Marie Kraig.